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PROWAH : Professional Women of African Heritage

The Professional Women of African Heritage (PROWAH) is an initiative which Aims to Empower professional women of African heritage to Connect, Learn from one another and Expand their professional and leadership skills to become change agents who shape the African narrative and impact their surroundings.
It was born out of the need to create an impactful platform for professional women of the African diaspora within Switzerland to blossom and thrive through networking, mentoring, training and collaboration.

“Bese Saka” Sack of Cola Nuts. Affluence, Abundance, Unity “AKOMA NTOSO” Linked Hearts Understanding, Agreement “BI NKA BI” No one should bite the other. Peace, Harmony “Nkonsonkonson“ Chain links. Unity, Human Relations “SANKOFA” Return and get it. Learn from the past

Green Academy Africa

Our mission is to contribute to the fundament of a green and sustainable society in Africa by constructing and proliferating UNESCO Green Academies across the continent. Green Academies serve as a societal node from which knowledge and experience about the Sustainable Development Goals can proliferate through their respective communities, enabling students to be the architects and leaders of a green and sustainable future.

Utilizing the experience we are gathering at our two pilot projects in Yayu and the Selam School in Addis Ababa, we will be able to scale our efforts to multiple locations in Ethiopia and from there later to the continent.

Catalyze sustainable and green development of the African continent.

A student organization under the umbrella of :