African Students Association of Zurich


The African Students Association of Zurich (ASAZ) was founded on 2 November 2015. Its primary aim is to represent African students at academic institutions of higher education in Zurich.

ASAZ is a non-profit organisation governed by its Articles and by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. It is not commercially, politically and religiously motivated.

ASAZ particularly aims to:

  • Welcome new African students and facilitate their entry into the student life in institutions of higher education in Zurich
  • Bring together students of African origin, and be a learning environment for those interested in African cultures and issues
  • Present Africa from an African perspective
  • Organize and facilitate events that promote African scholars and research
  • Increase awareness about Africa and African issues at institutions of higher education in Zurich
  • Cultivate friendship and solidarity.

ASAZ is composed of three main organs:

  • the General Assembly of members that meets annually and is the supreme organ
  • the Board that is the executive body that leads and manages the Association under the guidelines of its Articles
  • the Control Body that is responsible for auditing the accounts and the reports presented by the Board and present a report to the General Assembly.

A student organization under the umbrella of :